• Assorted pallet Vinarack

    Assorted pallet overarching quality, size, color, design each pallet from Vinarack.

    Assorted pallet Vinarack

    Pallet of Vinarack are manufactured using high quality materials, high load bearing capacity.

    Assorted pallet Vinarack

    Below general pallet:

    Pallet stacking grid:

    - Improving storage and movement of goods.

    - Saves warehouse space efficiently.

    - Effective implementation of joint activities with mixed storage shelves, elevators and other devices.

    -Pallet Nets fitted with wheels easy to move anywhere.

    - Designed to maneuver, can stow

    - The net shorts may stacked

    - Actions lined with forklifts

    - Suitable contain parts - supplies

    - Payload from 1000 -3000 Kg

    Assorted pallet Vinarack

    Pallet galvanized iron:

     - Do not be deformed when the shock

    - Being hot-dip galvanized steel pallets help surface is always smooth.

    - Galvanized iron pallet good use in all environments.

    Assorted pallet Vinarack

    Steel Pallet.

    All products are powder coated Vinarack fire restrictions, anti-rust, safe for the user and environmentally friendly. Especially shelving system designed floor matched the requirements of each intended use.

    Assorted pallet Vinarack

    With experience in designing, manufacturing and installation of Vinarack allowed to meet the highest requirements of customers in terms of features as well as the economics of the product.


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