• Warehouse racking design

    Warehouse racking design active, response most such as any kì commodities storage that, the word load fatal up to the load lightweight. Response request nhu the archive for all types commodity.

    Warehouse racking design, pallet racks

    Make warehouse racking systems, heavy duty storage

    Warehouse racking design made from high quality galvanized steel, available in different heights for buildings and multi-story single level. Shelf assembly is designed to quickly spot and flexible ingenious by experienced professionals.


    Warehouse racking design Selective pallet
    Warehouse racking design Selective pallet

    Warehouse racking design of Vinarack, you need not bother or worry about unsold goods in the warehouse or goods arranged indiscriminately, but the loss is difficult to control. With the design of storage racks in warehouse versatile, goods are arranged in a scientific way, better preservation of goods, cargo control easier. Import of goods by hand, hand pallet truck or forklift trucks (depending on the load of goods).


    Warehouse racking design Drive-in pallet
    Warehouse racking design Drive-in pallet


    Warehouse racking design shelves with common types are as follows: Selective pallet racking, Drive-in racking, Double deep pallet racking, Push back pallet racking, Medium duty racking...


    Warehouse racking design

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